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Welcome to the Village of Dering Harbor Community Organization website.  This website is not affiliated with the official government of Dering Harbor Village.  This is an open website for residents and landowners in the Dering Harbor community.  It is here to enlighten and strengthen our community by providing you with important governmental and social information, news, newsletters, documents and forms.


News & Events 5.6.15

Dering Harbor Report

By Shelter Island Reporter Julie Lane 05/05/15

WMAC needs details on Dering Harbor dock

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Local News 6.28.17

Paul Shepherd to colleagues: What’s the rush?

CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO Councilman Paul Shepherd. An unusual vote occurred at the June 23 Town Board meeting when a member said “no” to scheduling a public hearing on prospective legislation. Councilman Paul Shepherd was the only dissenting vote to h...

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