Dering Harbor Report

In what is becoming a routine response, the Waterways Management Advisory Council is leaning against applications to expand docks that are pre-existing and non-conforming with town code.At the same time, they’re opening the door to possible trade-offs, as could be the case with an application they considered Monday night.

Peter Levenson of 23 Winthrop Road is seeking to make changes to his dock in Dering Harbor. Drawings submitted show a proposal that would strip away some parts of the existing dock and substitute other new parts of the dock.

But the plans fail to provide exact dimensions and that’s something the WMAC needs to determine if what is taken out is equal to what would be added.

The committee also wants a hardship letter from the applicant explaining why the changes are needed and wants a picture of an existing davit used as an aid in boarding a boat.

Until it can receive the necessary information, members won’t vote on the application.

The Council did recommend five other applications for Town Board consideration:

• Ennio Stacchetti of 17 Merkel Lane seeks a private mooring in Smith’s Cove.

• Russell Glover of 20-E Winthrop Road wants a catwalk. The application was previously approved, but the catwalk wasn’t built and the permit expired, requiring a new vote.

• Karen Brush of 60 Westmoreland Drive seeks a Riparian mooring in West Neck Creek.

• Nancy and John Sommi of 9 Nostrand Parkway wants a Riparian mooring in Shelter Island Sound.

• Primrose Cottage LLC at 9 Westmoreland Drive seeks a private mooring in West Neck Bay.

The exact coordinates of the moorings sought by Mr. Stacchetti and Primrose Cottage LLC are to be determined by Councilman Peter Reich.

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Dering Harbor Report

By Shelter Island Reporter Julie Lane 05/05/15

WMAC needs details on Dering Harbor dock

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