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Recent Board Appointments

At the September 15 meeting, the Village Trustees filled a number of board vacancies including Jason Weisenfeld to the Planning Board and Suzannah Rose to the Architectural Review Board (ARB). Résumés of those who agreed to share them were available for review at the meeting per the public’s request. Citing lack of consensus, Mayor Hogue said he expects to announce the new appointment to the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) at the October 20 meeting. Read more details on these and other appointments in the Shelter Island Reporter article under Board Appointments.

Shore Road Items Spark Lively Debate and Conditions

As noted in the September 30 Shelter Island Reporter article on the most recent trustees meeting, the Village is moving forward with more speed bumps (they’re testing bigger ones, which will be bike friendly per a suggestion in the meeting), testing traffic posts, and installing donated radar speed signs. The radar signs will be small: similar to those on Meadow Lane in Southampton.

But as the discourse continued and shifted to improvements to a small waterfront parcel on Shore Road owned by the Lynyaks, who live on Locust Road, some serious concerns about Shore Road emerged. Some neighbors worry that all the hedges blocking the water views and all the speed bumps are turning this beautiful stretch of road with sweeping views of Dering Harbor into an unwelcoming tunnel. They believe these vistas should be preserved so they can be appreciated by drivers, bikers and pedestrians whose views are currently blocked by several of these hedgerows. Others, who live directly on Shore Road, felt that it wouldn’t be fair for them to have to abide by stricter rules than other Village homeowners and that imposing additional restrictions on things such as hedge heights might infringe on their property rights.

As a result of this discussion, a few conditions were placed on the ARB’s approval of the Lynyak’s project. Instead of a four to five foot hedge with a white vinyl gate, the property owner was asked to maintain the hedges at four feet and to install a natural wood gate in place of the proposed white vinyl one. The Lynyaks were represented at the meeting by their landscaper.

Read coverage of additional issues discussed at the September 15 meeting in Archer Brown’s piece in the Shelter Island Reporter.

A Little Notice Goes A Long Way

Mayor Hogue said the Village would try to have the agendas for monthly Village meetings available on the Thursday before each Saturday meeting. Last month a community member was emailed the agenda on the Thursday prior to the meeting, which was then forwarded to the community. It is likely that the large meeting turnout was a direct result of the community’s now having this information beforehand. The next meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. on Saturday, October 20, in Village Hall. We expect to email you the agenda on October 18.

Links to Help You Vote in the Upcoming Election

The new Village of Dering Harbor Community Organization website provides you with easy access to the form you need to vote in Village elections by absentee ballot under the Forms tab. But that will not help you if you are registered to vote on Shelter Island and won’t be in the Village on November 6th for the upcoming national, state and local elections. For that you must go to the Suffolk County Board of Elections website, download an absentee ballot and send it in. There’s actually still plenty of time to sign up if you haven’t already done so.

Dering Harbor to Reopen for Clamming in Winter?

According to an online Shelter Island Reporter snippet dated September 19, “Town Supervisor Jim Dougherty has written the Department of Environmental Conservation asking it to reinstate a conditional shellfishing program launched in 2005 that allowed clamming and scalloping in the winter if the Shelter Island Heights Sewage Treatment Plant was operating properly.” The DEC had reportedly stopped the program because of funding issues but some money may now be available.


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